Viewcrest Poem

In many ways Duluth is blest,
Its people, lakes and a place called Viewcrest.

The people who work there truly care,
They are helpful and kind to everyone there,
It’s a place for people with needs to be met,
Could be a personal problem or try to forget.

Every person is cared for with kindness and love,
Many visit the fish pond and the bird house above.

Meals and “snacks” every day,
Delicious and healthy.
One could not find better
In homes of the wealthy!

Natures greenery is treasured inside and out,
See Viewcrest’s natural beauty throughout.
Look out every window to a beautiful scene,
Makes one think of the South with a desert of green.

Yes, we are blest with a place called Viewcrest!

Rita Marshall, PhD.
Retired RN